The P&I (PEOPLE and IDEA) methodology described below is designed to assess ICOs for compliance with certain provisional industry standards. Although these standards have not yet been officially adopted or approved by anyone, statistical and inferential observations demonstrate that they are being steadily applied in day-to-day practice. We see it as our mission to take part in standardizing the industry as much as possible.

We believe the provisional ICO standards include the particular order of doing things, according to which the first task is to describe the comprehensive detailed business model of the project and its tokenization.

The essence of the assessment method is to first choose the set of key assessment criteria from all possible benchmarks. Next, each criterion is assigned a certain weight based on its importance for the ICO's success. In this way, once the weighted scoring system is created, each project can be assessed, and the maximum score can be calculated for each criterion.

Team 25% Community 25% Product 25% Token 25% 100%
Experience 1 Telegram 2 B-chain use 2 Hard cap 1 TOTAL
Advisers+ 1 Twitter 1 MVP 1 Role 1
Investors+ 1 Facebook 1 Roadmap 1 Escrow 1
Overscore* 1 Overscore - Overscore - KYC 1
Max score 4 4 4 4 16

The second stage involves the actual assessment based on the criteria established as per above. In this, we are taking into account the quality and extent of work completed by the project founders in each category and comparing them to the statistical averages for both the majority of conducted ICOs and the successful ICOs.

The logic behind this assessment approach can be provided upon request.

For ease of use, the 16-point scoring system is converted into a 10-point scoring system via a simple proportions formula.

Once the ICO project has been assessed for compliance with the provisional criteria, its investment attractiveness is analyzed. Here, the focus is primarily on the overall logical data correlation for all the criteria, which increases the model's cohesion and improves the project's chances of successfully completing its ICO. The investment attractiveness assessment may in some cases differ from the assessment of the ICO for suitability and meeting the established criteria.

*Overscore is an additional expert score which may be awarded if the work on a particular criteria exceeded the standard scope or if there is a superior coherence between all components of a certain criterion.